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OAKAZINE's journey into the 1970s was an amazing fete and an undeniable awakening... We submersed ourselves in a decade that conjured multiple perceptions, cultures and subcultures... whose lineage, undeniably, continues to influence our culture today. OAKAZINE wanted to explore the DNA of such an amazing era and its offspring, delving into the ideas and inspiration that unmistakably bridge our cultures.

Have we lost cultural substance, from the 70s to today, with the age of social networking, and has our social core been depleted, leaving a decade that will fail to make its mark? I think no, however, we must turn it over and work against fear, and insist on experimentation. Toward this possibility of freedom, we enlist the values expressed by each of our subjects here and their shape-shifting points of view, hoping to induce an insurgence against any too-tightly constricting formulations of today... It was beyond a gift to touch down into the world of these icons. We delve into many untold stories, and many uncovered pasts!

14" H x 10" W, 108 pages