what to expect when you’re expecting: ld tuttle women’s fall

our favorite mistress of footwear is back for fall…I must say the competition is fairly fierce. note all styles available in black!

We have some reissues on their way:
1. most notably the runawy hit the bard is coming back in town for Fall. Price at a measly $889. I expect great things.

2. we have a very limited run of her other best seller the Pygmalion. $622 and they are yours. Easy on the streets and easy on the eyes.

3. One of my favorites is the Hun which embraces the conspicuous consumption trend with panache and a thick fur instep…it is like having a pet and a shoe in one! $610.

4. finally, the Faun. the Edward Scissorhands of shoes….at a mere $668. really no wrongs here!

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