what courtney wore today

stars. there just like us! thanks racked for giving us the precious foresight that Courtney Love now has a Tumbler account detailing every fastidious detail of her daily (and bedtime) ensembles.

the new blog seems to be narrated by some 3rd person…perhaps her “manorexic” (her words, not mine) PA? Judge for yourself. Copy coinciding the image we posted:

“What Courtney wore to bed! Kiki panties (she swears, and we believe her, after she hissed at T’s anthropologie knickers and threatened to burn them if any in her sightline again!), Rick Owens t, Margiela cardi and Givenchy sandals with a kindle in her “diva room” back of the bus….No Virginia Clo “can’t” do a bunk. She never has and never will! So the boys give her the back room (and yes, they are frette sheets although someone didn’t hear her and went all gauche noir at ABC linens). Or maybe Clo decided to go all black? Seems odd, she’s a linens freak! Maybe she’s just being outre. I’d have preferred a bit less cliched “rock n roll” “


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