We're into: Girls "Vomit"

If this slow burner  track “Vomit” from San Fran psych-rockers Girls’ new album Father, Son, Holy Ghost (dropping on September 13th via True Panther) is any indication of the rest of the album, Christopher Owens has some serious Spiritualized-meets-Pink Floyd style expansiveness up his sleeve. The band, which in the past has stylistically dabbled in everything from 50’s teen dream nostalgia to 60s surf pop, seems to have hit upon a deeper, more spiritual vein with this mix of old-fashioned rock ‘n roll guitar wails, organ flourishes, and gospel choir backings. Even Owens’ lovesickness — a common theme in Girls songs — has taken on holy and universal proportions (bolstered by a gospel choir) as he sadly pleas “Come into my heart…come into my heart…my love.” The video centers around a lonely nighttime drive around San Francisco in a vintage red Mustang, featuring lingering, sensual pans over the curves and soft leather of the (admittedly sexy) car; a sad bouquet of roses strewn in the back seat; swirling shoegaze-video-style carnival lights; and the fateful appearance of the front man almost four minutes in. We’re into it — we think you will be too.

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