Written by: Michael Bradley/@screwedkid

photo by : Larry Cardenas /@sazonszn

When I found out that Vashtie Kola [The Downtown’s Sweetheart] was bringing back the 1992 party to the New York Nightlife I instantly knew this was something we could not miss out on. Being that I was very familiar with the ambiance this party has to offer my expectations were set high. The resurrection of a infamous event with such a talented team of people involved with a night indulged with the best music from the 90’s and beautiful faces swarming the dance floor, it would be a night to remember.

photo by : Larry Cardenas /@sazonszn

With familiar faces like Odayls backing up Vashtie on the 1’s & 2’s and Host Gito holding down the crowd you can only expect everyone to be going wild while they’re making sure we wont leave without breaking a few sweats. We got to ask Odayls what was it like to be Djing alongside someone like Vashtie.

-“Its really amazing and inspiring… know to only get better and learn how to scratch, definitely someone I look up to” 

Odayls is someone you just cant sleep on. Not far behind from following in the footsteps of Vashtie and taking the industry by storm she’s Dj the dopest parties such as Trap Ball, Everyday People and 1 am Bounce NYC to modeling for Gypsy Sport and hosting Vfiles Mountain Dew Launch Event. She is the credential of 2017.

photo by : Troy Benjamin /@y0hjiro

“The most memorable part of the night was Like Vashtie, period. When she hit the ones and twos the whole party shifted, that kind of energy and power coming from someone quite small was like POPPIN to see! She’s a powerhouse” – Gito

As I was walking up the stairs entering the building I could feel the vibrations from the speakers shaking the walls and as I got closer to the top of the staircase I could hear Gitos voice being the host he is pumping the crowd talking his shit. When the energy and music just put a smile across your face that’s  how you know you’re about to have a good night and you’re walking into a lituation.

If Gito’s name is on the flyer you WILL  be having a dope time. From his humor to elaborate aesthetic to friendly personality he’s made a way to become this entity that everyone must experience. He’s hosted some of the most influential events in the industry scene such as The Full Moon Festival, Everyday People and Up and Down. He also really expanded his modeling career by shooting with brands like Gap, Urban Outfitters, The Kooples and Stussy.

Gito just Dabbles

:::Kanye Shrug:::

photos by : Troy Benjamin /@y0hjiro

Photos by : Larry Cardenas/@sazonszn


What made you want to start up the 1992 party again?

It  felt like the right time and I’ve wanted to do it for a while. It truly took finding the right location for things to come together

What was your favorite memories from the 1992 party?

Having KidCudi perform at our 2 year anniversary in 2008. Having celebrity attendees like Jay-Z, Maxwell Neo and other stop through for the 1992 experience.

Who’s your favorite fashion 90’s inspo?

Bjork, she always had a very interesting way of being herself unapologetic-ally. Her style is unique and rare mix of futuristic and grunge looks.

What are your five favorite tracks from the 90’s?

 Plush- Stone Temple Pilots

The World Is Yours – Nas

Boys and Girls – Blur

Human Behavior – Bjork

Im Going Down – Mary J. Blidge

What’s it like to be a female entrepreneur?

It’s interesting because its new to me, I’m not from this world. It’s exciting and I like that I can make it up as I go, there is no set format.

What was it like the first time you ever Dj’d an event and where was it?

When I was helping Q-Tip with his parties in 2009/10 at Santos, I was nervous and anxious I didnt want to embarrass myself in front of Q-Tip. He encouraged me to DJ and had faith in my musical taste once I focused on that I calmed down and focused on the music.

What was the goal to starting this party?

To create a safe space for attendees to feel free in everything from sexual orientation to ethnicity and even their style. The idea of the party is for everyone to have a good time filled with eclectic people. The party was born out going against club norms. 


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