unconditional is designed by philip stephens and is now 4 years old – it started in A/W 2003 as a menswear luxury basics line for his first shop, the concrete shop, soho, london. for the past two years it has included womenswear and currently shows on schedule in london fashion week.

the appeal and success of unconditional centers around a strong style identity: laidback, edgy, often androgynous pieces in high quality fabrications. clean, strong silhouettes that are also intentionally quite sexy, and a focus on the wearer. with a core of luxury basics, the collection increases its collection of more special pieces each season, all combined with a realistic price point.

philip has environmentally friendly tendencies and the collection almost exclusively uses natural fabrics produced, dyed and manufactured as ethically as possible.

reorders in order!

new arrivals: staerk, anzevino & florence