The Vintage Doubleface Sweatshirt by Naked & Famous

The guys behind denim headliner Naked and Famous have more energy than a jar of peanut butter. Their unabashed excitement and love for thoughtful clothing revolves around the fabrications, techniques and new world/old world technologies with all the history and culture inherent within.

Which is why we have fallen for their Vintage Double Face Slim Crew Sweatshirt.

The “slow vintage” knit fabric behind this crew neck sweatshirt is knit on old school Tsuri (suspended) circular knitting machines. These machines where used in the 1800s in Europe to make fine knit fabric, but in 1910 were abandoned due to their slow production. The Japanese knitters were happy to grab up the last few existing machines and imported them to Wakayama, Japan. There is an estimated mere 100 of these machines still in operation today.

It takes approx 1 hour to make just 1 meter of fabric on these machines, and because of its slow hanging operation along with the use of rare German needles, no undue tension is placed on the yarn while knitting 0 it’s almost as if they knit “air” into the fabric!

The result is a vintage and unique fabric that feels as if it was knit by hand. Enjoy!

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