the up and comers: sally lapointe

In 2009 designer Sally LaPointe joined with her best friend and business partner Sarah Adelson to found her eponymous line: CONSCIOUS OF THE HUMAN BODY, SOPHISTICATED AND AGGRESSIVE,THE CLOTHING COMES FROM A PLACE OF EMOTION.

We had a chance to ask her a few questions recently – read below to get to know Sally LaPointe.

OAK: can you briefly introduce yourself?
Sally LaPointe: My name is Sally, I am 26 years old, originally from Marblehead, MA. I attended The Rhode Island School of Design and moved to NYC the day after graduation in 2006. After school I got a job designing Men’s Accessories.

OAK: what is the concept of your brand and why did you start it?
SLP: The company was started in 2009 with my best friend/business partner Sarah Adelson. We were both working in the industry, she always had a knack for the business side, and I always knew I would be designing. Literally one day we woke up and said lets do this…We went and got our LLC, went and got supplies, and started the company together.
I would say my concept behind the brand is my mind. I have a lot of ideas that come from no where really specific, they are just there, I want to present my ideas in a conceptual way, but also have the clothing be very wearable and desirable. It is a lot about emotion. This is very important to me.

OAK: what, or when, was your first big break?
SLP: It is not so much about the big break for us, it is about these small steps and letting the company grow organically while protecting the integrity of the brand. But honestly, a really great step for us was when we started working with OAK. OAK has been a great store that has really helped to get the name out there more.

OAK: you’ve done several rad presentations so far – do you happen to have a favorite one? any words on upcoming presentations?
SLP:Thank you, so far I would have to say my favorite would have to be the SS11 Runway. It was my first runway, and it was unreal to see all my ideas come together exactly as I imagined it.
Right now I am working on the next collection and designing the runway. There are too many ideas it hurts my brain – its going to be extra rad..

OAK: your shoes and accessories are pretty amazing too – any plans on producing the shoes and more of the jewelry?
SLP:The point of the shoes, jewelry and accessories have always been very particular to every collection. It is almost just an extension of the vision for me. I don’t really know what next season will bring, but I am sure it will be something. You can pretty much count on it always being a part of what I do, it is just as important to me as the clothing.
Right now all shoes from Spring I have hand-crafted and are one of a kind. They are available for purchase if someone is interested.

OAK:what’s your favorite piece from the line that we’re carrying? do you have any styling tips for that piece or others in the collection, for our readers?
SLP: I would say that the black cropped vinyl/leather jacket is my favorite. For me, it is all about proportion and silhouette and this jacket can translate into almost any outfit on any body type. I almost don’t want to tell other people how to wear it. I have seen many people where my clothing in many different kinds of ways. I think that is the best part for me, seeing how other people see it and make it there own.

OAK: what are the challenges faced by up and coming designers in new york? does being in new york influence the direction of your line?
SLP:These days I feel like it is not just about talent, there is so much that exists out there you really have to prove yourself. You have to be a total package. Between Sarah and I, I believe we have this. Without the both of us it would never happen, right now it is just us two running the entire show. It is great.
I think that New York does influence my work because you really can be anyone you want to be here. Everything is at your fingertips and no one will judge you.

OAK: what’s next for you two and the brand?
SLP: I am really focused on the next collection right now. As for the brand, making it grow slowly.

OAK: anything else you’d like to say?
SLP: I am very excited to be on the Oak Blog!

click here to view the sally lapointe collection. please note that the majority of the items are only available for purchase at our bond st. store – please click each item for details. for purchase inquiries, please call +1 212 677 1293.


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