the last lick of summer: cody critcheloe/ssion

for a.ok’s latest offerings, we collaborated with several friends and artists near and dear to produce prints for the t-shirts.

first up is cody critcheloe of ssion, who designed a print for one of our a.ok tees (pictured left) and will be offering an installation in oak williamsburg. here’s a bit of back story about cody and SSION, via the charlotte street foundation:

Cody Critcheloe is the lead singer and mastermind of the band SSION (pronounced “shun” as in passion, confusion, illusion) which he began in Kentucky at age 16 when he wrote, performed, recorded and made videos for the songs on his first album Fucked into Oblivion. Leading an ever-changing punk/dance/HI-NRG band that sounds a little 1970s, with a bit of 1980s á la Cindy Lauper, Debbie Harry, and Madonna, he has since recorded four additional albums. Critcheloe produced I Don’t Want New Wave, I Don’t Want the Truth, Opportunity Bless my Soul, Glory Wound and Fools Gold with a rotating roster of members and performers.

Critcheloe describes his work as “generally about a Queer utopia and the rise and fall of the American dream.” His videos are hilariously cheeky, peppered with characters in drag, elaborate costumes, and hand-drawn background scenes. His work has a sketch comedy element like Saturday Night Live, where, for example, the lyrics of his songs are enacted literally and humorously. The liner notes for the CD cover are reproductions of Critcheloe’s pencil drawings that are quite amazing in person and demonstrate his skill as a draftsman.


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