the furies: rikke korff

Meet THE FURIES, the provocative brainchild of Danish designer extraordinaire Rikke Korff. THE FURIES is an original collection whose timely arrival signifies a progressive departure from the mainstream women’s apparel scene. Korff’s new paradigm relies on a provocative paradox – strikingly new, powerful silhouettes inspired by the uber–traditional garb of the subservient Oriental woman of yore. Don’t envision silk dragon robes or stiffly beautiful kimonos. Don’t conjure up images of new and improved mandarin collars and frog buttons and improbably slit cheongsam dresses. Korff’s take is much more experimental, more essential, more pragmatic. More wearable.
She co–opts and samples various threads of these Asian styles like a precocious brat, weaving them into a novel and cohesive vision of a different young woman, Anglo or absolutely not. Korff’s version of Black Belt Theatre is a triple–feature showcase of pan–Asian–derived basics in modern reinterpretations for the confident woman warrior, whatever the age. She’s bringing female power back to the females. It’s a visually exciting line with a lighthearted sense of fun and slapdash, but classic, charm.



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