Sami wears OAK slouch rider jacket, Laura Siegel embroidered sweater, and Mykita / Damir Doma sunglasses (coming soon).

Sami Surma is a self-proclaimed “sunglasses addict” from Minnesota. She just got back from shooting a Versace watch campaign in London, and looked incredible during our latest women’s shoot. Check out our exclusive Q & A with Sami below.

Where do you currently live?: Harlem
What’s your Instagram?: @samisomebody
What’s been your craziest modeling experience?: Either the middle-of-winter bathing suit shoot on Long Island, or the “Versace orgy” Versace watch shoot I just did in London. It was twelve models and we were all naked, except for wristwatches, lying on top of each other.
What do you want to be when you grow up?: A history professor.
Where are you studying?: I’m currently taking time off from school, but I have a free ride to two colleges back home, so I’m hoping to go back eventually.
What do you do for fun in Minnesota?: Fishing and boating. It’s so beautiful there.
What’s your favorite part about New York?: There’s always something going on. I love to walk through Times Square in the middle of the night. It looks sick, and there are no tourists around.
What are you currently listening to?: Frank Turner, Flux pavillion and Benny Benassi.
What are you going to be for Halloween?: I want to be Sandy from Grease, but the badass Sandy at the end, with the big hair and the cigarette. My all time favorite Halloween costume was when I was an iPod, but I’m usually a zombie.
What’s your favorite part of modeling?: Seeing the final result. I’m always like “what are they doing to me?” with make up, hair, and styling. Then it turns out cool, and I’m like “Oh! I need to stop worrying so much.”
What’s your least favorite part of modeling?: Getting measured. I love every aspect of modeling except for that.
Describe your personal style: Laid back and boyish. In one word? “IDGAF.”
What’s something no one knows about you?: This is hard… I don’t know what to say. I don’t have a secret.
What question do you hate getting asked?: What’s your favorite color, and are you actually a blonde?
Well now we have to ask…: Yes. I’m actually a blonde. But I’m a dirty blonde. That’s my secret!