Studio Session is a look into the creative spaces of the designers we are proud to be currently stocking at OAK.

Words by Conor Riley
Photographs by Justin Fulton

When we arrived at the Pfizer building on Flushing and Tompkins in Brooklyn we didn’t know exactly what to expect. After all, this was the building in which viagra was invented and where they were recently filming scenes for the new Spider-Man movie. Then we entered the bright and fresh world of Candamill, a design and art studio that’s overseen by siblings Cindy and Cristian, and were completely blown away. The space itself has something to look at everywhere you turn, be it a drum kit, painted deer heads, mood boards for their Spring ’14 collection, massive canvases showcasing their artist’s work, or one of the best views of the Manhattan skyline in Brooklyn, and it all works together harmoniously. While Cindy cut her teeth in design at FIT and working for Zac Posen, Elizabeth and James and DVF, Cristian came up in the art world, meeting artists on the streets of SoHo where he used to sell work, so combining fashion and art in the same creative space was a natural progression for the two. And while the duo provide artists with a space to show and create their work independently from Candamill the collection, housing both a fashion line and an artist’s studio under one name and roof is truly inspiring from both a community and branding standpoint. The diversity of their studio also speaks to the nature of the Pfizer building as a whole, where just across the hall cookies are being made, next door Smartphone apps are being created, and downstairs Charlift are working on new music.

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