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Some of the most exciting menswear brands for SS14 are coming to us from LA, and Chapter is no exception. Already a favorite of OAK shoppers and employees alike, Chapter recently released its SS14 editorial and video Lucid Void. We also had the chance to speak with Chapter creative director Devin Carlson about designing on the west coast, the inspiration behind SS14 and what sets Chapter apart from other brands.

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OAK: What are your general feelings on SoCal and Los Angeles?
DEVIN CALRSON: Southern California is home. I’ve lived in LA for the past eight years, so I do most of my wandering there.

OAK: Expanding on that, what are the benefits, and drawbacks if any, about being a designer based in SoCal?
DC: Benefits [are the] weather, mountains, beaches, all of the staples. There are a lot of creative minds that come out of this area. It’s nice to be around people that are inspiring and are not afraid to try and make their ideas known. There is a lot of movement in LA at the moment, [and] it’s exciting to be part of something from the ground up. The only drawback that I can think of is I wish we had more of a winter, not like a NY winter but somewhere in-between.

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OAK: What was the inspiration behind starting Chapter?
DC: The brand is the brainchild of Frank Delgadillo guided by a collective of modern minds. Chapter is symbolic of the individual man’s personal progression, broken down into chapters that evolve in aesthetic, personality and voice. Chapter seeks to bring a highly sophisticated point of view to men’s fashion silhouettes and accessories, working within a spectrum of creative design that lends itself to today’s modern, international lifestyle. There was a niche that we thought we could capture by taking a more refined, tailored approach to a silhouette that is slouchy and less structured by nature. Simplicity, modernism and function — all of this in mind, paired with our love of several different design disciplines, architecture and visual art drives us forward. We really are hoping to create a movement with Chapter, by exposing a higher level of design integrity to a more widespread audience that may normally not have access to it.

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OAK: More specifically, can you get into the details of what visuals, sounds, and feelings inspired the SS14 collection and editorial?
DC: The editorial behind the Spring/Summer 2014 Lucid Void collection was designed to evoke a sense of vastness and immensity while keeping a simplistic approach both in aesthetic and form. The color palette is subtle and muted. The fit is tailored for comfort and ease of movement. The styling is understated yet impactful. It evokes a sense of confidence and innate style that is highly personal and profound. The texture of concrete is abundantly used, to mimic the cold, harsh porous texture reflected in the loose weave of fabrics used for the season.

Chapter SS 4_399_OAKChapter Cam Jacket.

OAK: Where can you be found when you’re not working?
DC: I work a lot, but I love what I do so it’s hard to draw the line between the two. I try and spend as much time as I can with friends, most are like-minded and we are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other. I like to get outdoors, go hiking or run solo to clear my head. Also as much as I can, I try to visit bookstores, museums and boutiques to get a different perspective on design, or sometimes just get lost and try to figure things out.

OAK: How do you hope to see Chapter evolve?
DC: We want to continue to evolve the brand organically, never overstepping our reach and keeping true to the ideals that have brought us to this moment.

OAK: What do you think sets Chapter apart from other contemporary menswear designers?
DC: Our approach and dedication to innovative silhouettes, detailing, and our constant involvement with all forms of design that inspire us.

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