Say Hey: Jorge

Say Hey to Jorge. Jorge loves all things design and is especially passionate about interiors. You can say hey in person at Bond Street.

When it comes to interiors, how would you describe your aesthetic?
Streamlined, hard-edged but still has an element of luxury. It’s based in real world life – a Bushwick kind of thing, but elevated.

So what does your place look like?
I just moved apartments…it’s a mix of like really minimalist mod with ethnic touches like an African centerpost, a Pakistani rug as my bathmat. But otherwise it’s black and white.

Can you let us in on your secret sources?
I order stuff online… I am an eBay master. It’s just about that hunt. Surprisingly, Overstock – really good. Not for international finds. But surprisingly good resource.

Vacation plans?
I’m so typical OAK. I’m actually allergic to sun. So night time. All the time. Summer plans consist of running around the city at night.

If you won the lottery, where would you get your passport stamped?
Somewhere cloudy and unsummery. You would probably find me in Copenhagen.

Summer drink?
Whiskey ginger. If it’s a Sunday afternoon, I’ll venture into tequila sunrise.

What are you loving in Bond Street right now?
The Boiler Suit. It’s easy – just throw on a tank and one more layer.


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