Last week, PS1 hosted a party to celebrate the closing of Ryan Trecartin’s era-defining show “Any Ever.”  Trecartin’s videos are psychedelic love-letters to pop and corporate culture, and the closing party-organized by the crew behind DIS Magazine–matched “Any Ever” in tone and spirit.  Androgyny was on-trend: female bodybuilders and glamorous drag queens competed for the attention of fashionable cisgender attendees (who waited in long lines for Ps1’s unisex bathrooms).  The night featured 15-year-old internet celebrity Glass Popcorn, who sang atop an Escalade; instrumental hip-hop virtuoso AraabMuzik; and global trendspotter-DJ Fatima Al Qadiri.  But the most memorable event may have been the debut performance of neo-boyband #HDBOYZ.  In white sportswear and Z-Coils, five art-geeks lip-synced while performing impressively polished choreography.  The BOYZ’s lyrics refreshed sentimental cliches for the social networking age: song titles included “Let Down Your Firewall” and “Your Boyfriend Looks Photoshopped.”  The show, which was produced by Thunder Horse Productions, ended with an unexpected eruption of over-the-top fireworks, and a shower of holographic confetti.  I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to summer. — Melissa Tuckman

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