robert franks: the americans

sort of the forerunner of “street style” photography. don’t miss this must see show on culture, fashion and content of mid 1950’s americana at the metropolitan museum….
this exhibition celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the americans, robert frank’s influential suite of black-and-white photographs made on a cross-country road trip in 1955–56. although frank’s depiction of american life was criticized when the book was released in the u.s. in 1959, it soon became recognized as a masterpiece of street photography. born in switzerland in 1924, frank is considered one of the great living masters of photography. the exhibition will feature all 83 photographs published in the americans and will be the first time that this body of work is presented to a new york audience. in addition, the exhibition includes contact sheets that frank used to create the book; earlier photographs made in europe, peru, and new york; a short film by the artist on his life; and his later re-use of iconic images from the series.

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