Burning Man may have wrapped up three weeks ago, but unlike other “festivals” it’s an event that lives on past its early September closing day, as evidenced by this incredible time-lapse video of the event, and mix-tapes dedicated to the gathering, both released well after the artists, musicians and fans left The Playa. This summer we brought you Lost In The Deep Oak Woods an exclusive mix-tape by Brooklyn-based producer Deep Woods, and late last month he headed out to Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for Burning Man 2013. Check out his awesome photos from the event, and details of his Burning Man experiences in his own words:

Words and photographs by Deep Woods

One does not go to Burning Man just to play music, one goes for the experience. I can say that landing in the middle of the annual festival that takes place at the end of August had me thinking I was on another planet. An entire planet of beings that were dressed or undressed in every way imaginable (and in some cases, I had not imagined) in a land of lights, visually stunning art sculptures, energy filled sounds, and unexpected good will of the people all around. Lets break it down:

Fashion: I came across every way you could possibly use color, fur, LED lights, pasties, capes, head pieces and jewelry that one could dream up, or have in a nightmare.
Art: Endless. Just when you think you see something that blows you away, you turn around and out of the dust there is something else that takes your breath away: Truth is Beauty, a giant sculpture of a woman, Coyote, a 25′ tall by 24′ wide metal sculpture, Crash Site_Alpha-13, a crashed spaceship, Claude the Dragon, a 22′ long recycled sculpture, BELIEVE, a large word series made of metal and so many others.
Music: With so many different styles of music at so many different camps at Burning Man one has many places to choose from. The highlights for me were some of the events I got to spin at and some I just attended.

Bubbles & Bass: A party while the sun rises over the desert with champagne, the best vibe and great music from 5AM to Noon. My final and memorable set at BM.
Disorient: Solid line up of house music with DJs from around the world, I got to spin an alien tribal set with the amazing sound system they set up!
Distrikt: Daytimes finest moments are at Distrikt. Amazing sound and house & techno that will blow the roof (if there was one) off. DJs Ben Seagren & DJ Kramer (founding members of Distrikt from CA) had the thousands of people ready to explode during their sets.
Pink Mammoth: The color may be pink but make no mistake quality DJs are abundant at the Mammoth for sure. Osunlade, Marques Wyatt, Andy Caldwell, Lee Burridge, are just some of the DJs who rocked it there.
Robot Heart: Massive sound and mobile out on the Playa just follow all the art cars and sound to find them. Robot Heart has a great line up of DJs that play deep deep house to a huge following.

The raw beauty of the landscape surrounding the desert where Burning Man is held is truly a surreal experience. It gives one a sense of solitude to contemplate all things. Things that you need to think about, things that you want to think about and things that you should think about. Truly a unique and personal experience that can inspire and energize one to go forward and realize ones future.