POP SOUK – What's In Store with Louis of OAK

Excitement for Pop Souk continues to build! We’ll be busy curating the best of the bunch from the Oak family closets over the next two days, and we can’t wait to mix with curious shoppers and friends alike. Today, checking in with Louis on what he’s looking forward to this Saturday –

Please state your name and occupation:
Louis Terline; Co-owner Oak

And your current preoccupation in life/culture/design/art?
Ice Cream

The inaugural Pop Souk last fall was a veritable goldmine for fashion treasure hunters – what are you looking forward to for the spring iteration?
It’s a party mixed with shopping. A party mixed with shopping.

What are you planning on selling?
Some of my favorite things. I’ve been streamlining for a while. But I saved some really great stuff for the end.

Streamlining is tough, but resisting the urge to peruse the other pop-ups is totally futile. Are you planning on replenishing your closet?
I always say no….but always leave with stuff. I can’t wait to see what some of the other vendors have – there really is going to be a room full of NY’s most talented there.

What’s the one piece in your closet you would never give up?
My Dries van Noten soft blazer – I’ve had it since high school (but I never say never).

Having Fun: Pop Souk