paulie gee's greenpoint

For over a year the Oak staff has mourned the loss of a favorite dining fixture (which incidentally is located across the street from our office) Paloma which burned down and has sat vacant  and sad…until now.  New Jersey based pizza aficionado Paulie Gee who’s obsession with the  food has taken up residence and filled a much needed Greenpoint, Brooklyn void as this neighborhood is notorious for having a crap selection of pizza.  Brooklyn’s obsession with encouraging sustainable rooftop farms (i.e. the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm), local ingredients and organic small town interactions have found a new home at Paulie Gee’s.  With a big wood fired oven, cozy atmosphere and a penchant for locality in the ingredients looks like we got a new hot spot on our hands….and apparently everyone else does too. The place was pretty slammed. Especially since the place is looks abandoned and is sorta in the boonies. Liquor license pending till next week.

In one phrase: the Roberta’s of Greenpoint.


first class trash

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