out on the town

oh my god i went to the best party the other night
it was jono, our photographer’s 21st b-day (congrats jono), anyways he lives in jersey, so kim and i decided to kill some time before we met up by going to a fashion party in the west village.
le royale, used to be luke and leroys, was the location, and Unis afterparty for My Bloody Valentine was the party,
the supposed party, and for the first hour that was the premise we were going on, sure the balloon bobble head man was weird, but the completely open bar and passed white-fish hors d’oeuvres were fabulous! unfortunaltey at one point i made eye contact with the balloon head, and he came over. but then the singer came on, this fabulously tall, really rockin blonde austrian chick wearing a one legged, tiger silk jumpsuit.

and it finally fell into place, the apple strudel, the older crowd, the amazing c c music factory soundtrack. we had wondered into some amazing austrian cd release party.

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