our magnificent earth

drum circles sometimes get a bad rap but last night at good units was totally different
loomstate and friends threw a bash in honor of the 40th earth day. there was face painting and psychic readings, but pretty much everyone showed up for the drum circle. the 40 drummer-drum circle led by members of soft circle, oneida, pit er pat, aska, and others played for around an hour and it was pretty intense. intended to be a modern ritual where people gather to celebrate the planet – it really felt like it. the only disappointing thing about the night were the masses of folks just standing and watching, instead of dancing. we were jamming along though and it was good to see so many friends out.

a brief video of the proceedings (and the two story pyramid they constructed to the night with projections and a light show. so rad.):


unveiling of the salvor installation tonight on bond

san francisco is a.ok: the tubesteak connection