Today is the day! Megan’s newest Sobotka collection will be unveiled tonight at 6:30 pm at The Jane Hotel. In today’s staff diary, we trail Megan as she picks up jewelry from the casters,eats at Pies ‘n’ Thighs, and survives Hurricane Irene.

1.  Sometimes you have to leave your intern in your bathtub rinsing toxic chemicals out of fabric while you go and have a meeting about liquor at the Dream Hotel.  It happens.

2.  I still can’t decide whether I love them or hate them.  I don’t think there will be flowers at the end of the world though, no?

3.  Oh,and then there was a hurricane.  I watched people get soggy on television and baked my roommates chocolate chip cookies and wrote some poems on my refrigerator- and then I went back to work. And waited for a hurricane.  Which never really came, but the breeze was really nice coming through the windows in the morning.

4.  I take a lot of pictures of people eating because that’s the only time I see humans anymore.  This is Justin at Pies ‘n’ Thighs, a rare outing but only because it’s two blocks from my place.  He comes to my apartment after work a lot to make sure I’m still alive, and sometimes he pretends to listen while I talk about clothes, and it’s nice.

5.  Sunday nights the living room is transformed from studio into dining room.  We regroup and refresh and someone is making ramen, someone else is making southwestern food and Laurel is making her mean Manhattans- it all fits together somehow.  I fall asleep in the boys’ room, and Dave carries me to bed, and Abraham tucks me in and turns out my light.

6.  Picking up my jewelry from the casters- these little envelopes weigh like fifty pounds.  I also feel like this place looks like one of those drive-through Taco Bells in Alta Dena with bullet-proof glass.

7.  Inked vellums paired with a little vinho verde, gouda, apples…(a perfect solo Saturday night cocktail party)

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