The presentation for Sobotka is almost here (this Friday) and preparations are still heavily underway. There’s Doc Martens to be painted the colors of exotic fruits, side seams to be finished, and Jackie O daiquiris to be made. Today Megan introduces us to Dahlia, the puppy from Mars; Laia Garcia, fashion fairy godmother; Danica, white wine and red lipstick afficianado; and Danica, mess cleaner upper.

1.  Fitting half muslins reminds me of something on Regretsy.  It’s a good thing to have friends that like posing for pictures when you are making lots of clothes in the living room.  This is Britta. She’s wearing an A.OK necklace and she likes to buy the biggest bottle of the whitest wine in the wine store.  She’s also wearing red lipstick to my house just to cut out patterns, which, while terribly chic, unfortunately doesn’t show up any way I photograph it.  Thanks, Blackberry.

2.  The newest member of our team.  Adrianna brought her home in a cosmic space shuttle.  Three month old Dahlia is on a mission here from Mars to get us the best seats at outdoor restaurants, the best treatment at any fabric store we go to, find us new boyfriends to talk to on every block (especially in the village!), and warm our necks while we sleep.  It’s pretty major all around.  I’m a godmother!

3.  Twelve pairs of Doc Martens arrived yesterday.  They are the nicest people in the world for agreeing to send me all these shoes and let me paint them the color of exotic fruits.  And then they actually sent them and they actually arrived- a whole day early!  Can’t wait to have a shoe painting bikini party on my business partner’s roof this weekend… any one else in the mood for Jackie O’s famous daiquiris?

4.  When it starts to get late, everyone either goes to the bar or goes to bed, and I am sitting in the living room at two in the morning testing patterns on myself.  Having thoughts that look more like mathematical equations; take my body and subtract all these model measurements from it then divide it by two and add that to the pattern divided into three quarters on one side and a quarter on the other.  Because I like it when the side seams swing.  And it is harder when it gets later and your vision gets itchy blurry.

5. My clothing is in a real magazine.  In Print! Oyster #94! Laia Garcia, I think, saves my life twice a day.  Not only is she the only person allowed to change my calendar in g-mail,  but she is a true collaborator and pretty much an all around fashion genius (and she has an email address just for fashion emergencies!).

6.  The last time I cried hysterically in the garment district was the day of my thesis presentation, the second it was over.  Back then, I had my dad here and I had a boyfriend.  Early Monday morning, I had to put my headphones on and just keep walking and pretend that my cheeks didn’t taste so terribly salty.  That’s Danica behind the desk.  She looked at me like she feels really bad for me for being a trusting person.  Also like I might fall on the floor and smash into a million pieces and she might be the one that has to clean up the mess.


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