In case you’ve just tuned into OAK Staff diary’s, currently we’re following OAK Bond staffer Megan Dodge as she gears up for unveiling her latest collection of Sobotka during New York Fashion Week. Today we meet Megan’s angel (David), dog draping companion (Emmie), and her artist’s salon (comprised of fellow OAKers).

1.  Eight a.m, eggs and avocado toast.  Sending shoe emails at the breakfast table.  My version of a working lunch.

2.  Sometimes, I’m not working alone. This is my angel David- and I have known him since seventh grade in Los Angeles.  Now we’re both in New York making patterns on Sundays.

3.  This dog is my constant companion when I’m home all day draping. Her name is Emmie.

4.  This photo marks the one time I have been in public socially in the past month. Dinner at David Burke Kitchen with my friend Christina, who was in from Dallas over the weekend.  She works for Papercity Magazine so we always have lots of fashion and gossip to catch up on, especially since I only see her once or twice a year.  But this time around, she’ll be back for fashion week!

5.  Waiting for the M train, weighed down by fabric.  If I dress up real nice when I go to the garment district, the discounts get bigger.  So this was my Tuesday Tough Girl outfit: fringe, super trashed high-skinnys, a Comme de Garcons button up, and Won Hundred Platform boots.    I had some real  hard meetings to face.

6.  Nightgown dresses! Lots of organic pleats, wind-blow swing-movement.

7.  This is what I call “holding salon” in my apartment.  These kids all come over when both Oak stores close and I show them what I’ve been doing all day.  We pick and rematch colors and talk silhouette and cut and styling (lucky I work with kids with good taste).  They drink eight times as many beers as I do, the boys make dinner, and everyone goes to bed happy.