oak staff diaries

Working at OAK is an unending well of inspiration for everyone involved – thanks in huge part to our multi-talented, multi-dimensional staff. The OAK Bond store, OAK Williamsburg store, and OAK offices in Greenpoint are staffed by an intensely cool and creative brigade of musicians, artists, designers, DJs, surfers, etc. all fatefully brought together by this common OAK vision. This means that everyone in the OAK family is constantly working on their own projects and supporting each other in these independent endeavors. Since we’re so proud of everything that our own are putting out (and will put out) into the world, we’re going to be devoting a part of our blog to Staff Diaries where we will be following and picking the brains of our staffers as they do their own thing.

Up first: Megan Marie Dodge of Oak Bond, and the story of her clothing collection Sobotka


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oak staff diary: megan & sobotka