Video by: X/@shootwithx

Here at Oak we like to make sure we are surrounded by a team of creative, talented individuals that represent Oak at it’s finest. From aesthetic, to personality, to being a team player we take pride in the effort everyone puts into building the brand as the family we are. We got a visual produced by X focusing in on some of our top summer looks and got to talk to our stylist over at our Bond Street location Messiah Ross and see what he had to say about what are some of his driven inspirations and favorite things about New York.

What kind of music are you into?

“As a dancer I love all types of music from the deepest of house music to the most uplifting & moving hip hop, right now I’m loving the trap music culture and the sound its bringing to fashion & dance scene.”

Where are you favorite places to go to in New York?

“Hands down my favorite place to go let loose and have a great time in New York is at Catch Rooftop , located in the Meatpacking district. It’s  a great place to wine and dine with a crowd that’s hella fine”

What’s it like working for Oak?

“Working for Oak is like getting to be around a dope little family of many different talents & cultures, its such a great experience…I love my team”

Who is your favorite celebrity wearing Oak or someone you would like to see in some of our pieces?

“Teyana Taylor looks so great in Oak. She recently stopped by the Bond Street location where I got to style and work with her. She said that she loves our brand & will return . I think that’s so sick! I would love to see so many people like Zayn, Mr. Prods, Sam Smith..the list could go on. I feel they would all be great in our brand “

Whose style inspires you the most?

“Pharrell..I’ve always liked the risk factors he takes with both music & style”

What other hobbies do you happen to have other than styling?

“Styling is just one of my many hobbies, I’m also into modeling, dancing and acting. I’m currently signed to NYMMG. I’m also a big traveler and love going to other countries to see how they live day to day along with the different nightlife cultures. One of my favorite places I’ve been to would have to be Tokyo, Japan. They’re were so heartfelt and welcoming always looking for the next big thing whether its fashion or just caring gestures.”

What are five of your favorite Oak pieces?

1.The Dhoti Suit -“Super versatile and can be worn as both trouser & body suit”

2. Long Basic Tanks -“Super comfy & flowy but staple pieces that can be dressed up or down”

3.Oak NY Logo Tee – “I’m from the city & proud to rep the brand super statement piece”

4. Giant Shirt -“Such a sick light weight piece that gives you a real authentic look”

5.Pintuck Maxi -“This piece is unisex, I love the fact that ladies can pull it off as a dress and fellas can wear it as a big shirt. Styled correctly this piece can make anyone closet go from 0-100 real quick.”

Written by: Michael Bradley/@screwedkid