oak recommends: pulpit

This Friday, our very own Sara Powell from Oak Williamsburg is curating an art show in Bushwick – we’d recommend dropping by to “be a part of the on-going performance piece about the hypocrisy of morality, get hedonistically holy and make a donation for your alcohol.” Details below:

PULPIT Opening

Friday, July 22nd
7-11 p.m.

AMO Studios
55 Waterbury St
Brooklyn, NY 11206

PULPIT is a religious platform, stolen for the cult of art. Historically, art had the charge of being a moral beacon, and without this secondary purpose, a work of art was, once, considered incomplete.
As the world of art began to define itself in its own terms, the role of “morality” became unnecessary in art, thus freeing contemporary art is estranged from that secondary duty. The modern rift between the world of art and the world of morality in fact demonstrates the very nature of morality: that it is, in itself, a nebulous and undefinable idea. Minced together over centuries, limb by limb, and tinged with religion after religion- the modern morality is a Frankensteinian idea. Multimedia, the show speaks to this multifaceted nature. Pieced together moral by moral, the nuances in the ideals we each strive for make a concrete definition of morality an impossibility.
The works address morality both in the context of the “real”world and the “art” world, and this return to the question of morality in art is no transgression to the artworld, but merely a questioning of the real world.


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