OAK Recommends – Acid Bath

Nina Carelli’s world is very curious. In her etchings cosmic origins are explored, primordial monsters do battle, and Miss Piggy takes a trip through a hellacious version of a Disney theme park. A collection of her work, Acid Bath will be exhibited at the Causey Contemporary gallery through May 27, with opening reception tonight (April 20) from 6-9 pm. Three quick questions with Ms. Nina on her Muppet muse, filthy jams, and nineteenth-century mystics:

What’s been your work process for Acid Bath?

There are infinite sources from which my ideas and imagery are culled – but not necessarily from ‘everyday life’. Reading, watching films, going on walks, having conversations, visiting unfamiliar places, and contemplating outer space tend to be the immediate sources.

While in the studio working on this show, I would habitually throw on the X-Files, mostly because you don’t need to watch to know what’s going on, or an episode of Joe Frank (of NPR), both of which provide an element of storytelling, but also quality white noise. After many hours of tedious mark making, I require a good dance around the studio to some filthy Hot97 jams.

Who is your favorite fictional hero?

I’ve considered Miss Piggy to be my spirit animal or hero for as long as I can remember. Aside from dripping diamonds, she is shamelessly self-loving. There is something about her personality and aesthetic that is odious, disturbing, and yet undeniable!

If not yourself, who would you be?

It would have been interesting to be Helena Blavatsky. She traveled the world during the 1800’s, wrote prolifically, and explored/taught incredibly abstract facets of mysticism. She was filled with secrets. She was considered to be controversial, eccentric, and possibly inauthentic, but I see her as a powerful woman, that left a memorable impression, in the very least.

Acid Bath runs April 20 to May 27, 2012 at Causey Contemporary’s Williamsburg Gallery (92 Wythe Street).

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