OAK is changing. new stores, rad concepts, better looks.

• OAK is crossing the east river in the new year and opening a new location in manhattan at 28 bond street between lafayette and bowery. planning to open mid january, but don’t fret…we will keep you posted as to its progress!

• Oaknyc.com is also revamping its image with a new website design, blog, video player and much more to come…

• We will be launching a new concept store in our park slope location justifiably named oak shoes, retailing the one thing no one can ever have enough of: shoes. this transformation is expected to be complete by mid january as well.

• Awesome new merchandise will be flooding into the stores and warehouse in a few weeks so brace yourself for the amazingness yet to come.

We would like to take the opportunity to show our undying appreciation towards our customers that have supported us and loved us through the years and hope that we remain the best of friends for seasons to come. as always, we are always grateful of any and all feedback you have to offer us and look forward to the new year of changes!

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