3O6A5372-100By Conor Riley
Photographs by Justin Fulton
Make up by Laramie Glen
Shoot assistant Jennifer Orlowski

On the heels of 2013’s Versions – in which she reinterpreted a selection of her songs through orchestral arrangement – Nika Danilova aka Zola Jesus will be joining Jherek Bischoff, David Byrne, Sondre Lerche and others in a two-night residency in Brooklyn for Jherek Bischoff Composed. Tonight and tomorrow at St. Ann’s Warehouse, each artist will perform accompanied by an orchestra led by Bischoff. Today, Nika stopped by the OAK Photo Studio for a shoot in some of our first SS14 arrivals from Won Hundred, OAK, A.OK and Vic Matie. We were also excited to find out that we can expect a new full-length record from Zola Jesus sometime this year.

3O6A5368-96Split Front pullover by OAK Collection and Alu skirt by Won Hundred. Jewelry Nika’s own.

Name: Nika Danilova (Zola Jesus).

Hometown: Born in Phoenix, raised in Merrill, Wisconsin.

Favorite song to perform live: “Collapse.” The song is about my position as a performer and as a public artist. To sing that to a live audience, where I’m directly addressing them, is really powerful.

Song I wish I had written: Oh god, every song. This has happened so many times. Let me think of one. This is going to sound super dorky, but I’m obsessed with “Halo” by Beyonce. As far as songwriting goes, it’s so elegant. I’m deeply, heavily into it and into dissecting it. There’s songs like that, that of course they’re popular because they’re so universally powerful.

3O6A5464-192Mesh tank by A.OK, and Side Cowl tank by OAK Collection. Jewelry Nika’s own.

What I take with me everywhere: This is kind of a trick answer, but it’s a white leather bag that my mom made for me. I’ve traveled with it since she made it for me a couple years ago. She’s made all my purses and bags for the past couple of years. It’s just a really great bag to travel with and it reminds me of home.

Favorite souvenir: In Russia I got a set of nesting dolls. I got a set for my mother and grandmother too.

What I’m looking forward to most about 2014: There is so much I have planned and working on, so finally having that all come to fruition and seeing it through, including releasing a new record this year.

Favorite Winter jam: The Marble Index by Nico. It feels like a winter album. It’s very icy. It’s a hard one to listen to in summer because it feels so wintry.

3O6A5414-142Split Front pullover by OAK Collection, Alu skirt by Won Hundred, and Platform Cut Out sandal by Vic Matie. Jewelry Nika’s own.