OAK + Dicap Valentine’s Day Mix


Our friend and one of our favorite DJ’s Dicap made us a Valentine’s Day Mix we’re excited to premiere today. The eclectic mix features songs about love and all the different feelings that go with it. So whether you’re single, in a relationship, breaking up or making up, there’s something on this mix for you. We also caught up with Dicap for a short interview about how he put the mix together, the Real Housewives and his favorite places to DJ.

OAK: Tell us about your Valentine’s Day Mix
Dicap: It’s kind of a fucked up journey through different feelings you deal with while going through a break up especially when you still love them. I wanted to use a lot of artists that I listened to growing up because i remember listening to some of these tracks as a teenager and somehow making it about a person that didn’t exist in your life yet (I think at that age you just want to be sad about something). Now that i go back and re-listen, they have a new meaning.

OAK: As a fellow Real Housewives fan, if you had to assemble your dream cast for an “All Stars” season, who would make the cut?
Dicap: It would have to be Bethenny Frankel, Season One Camille Grammar, Brandi Glanville, Tamra Barney (before she met Eddie), Kenya Moore, and Danielle Staub.


OAK: What is your look for SS17?
Dicap: Construction worker guido that just left work early to go to The Eagle for beer blast.

OAK: You’ve DJ’d parties in a bunch of different cities. Outside of NYC, where is your favorite place to play and what do you love about it?
Dicap: My favorite party to DJ outside of NYC is 100% Swagger Like Us in San Francisco! It’s an outdoor queer hip-hop party on the first Sunday of the month at El Rio. The energy is unlike anywhere I’ve ever played and everyone is always super nice and down to have a good time. It will be my fourth time playing there this coming April.

OAK: What advice would you give to the aspiring DJs of the world? How did you get your start?
Dicap: My best advice would be to not play by the rules. Play what you want to hear, but also be aware that there is also a crowd of people in front of you. I try to find the balance in between those two for most of my sets.