Tomorrow night, together with JDH and Dave P — the duo behind FIXED (a.k.a one of New York’s coolest dance parties) — OAK is hosting Teengirl Fantasy, Lemonade, Chad Valley, and Radio People for a night of electronic bliss, dancing, and booze (Reyka vodka open bar from 9-10 pm.) This should be our best CMJ party yet so be there (a.k.a Public Assembly) or be square! As he gears up for the big day, we asked Dave P to give us a glimpse into a day-in-the-life organizing a CMJ showcase…and we learned that it’s hectic, hectic, hectic. Tomorrow check in again for Dave P’s diary of the show.

6:31am: Reset alarm time to 7:01am

7:01am: Turn off my alarm.

7:31am: Reluctantly wake up and attempt to try to fight the urge to look at my phone immediately upone getting out of bed. Yes…I always wake up on the 1’s.

7:42am: Turn on 90.1 WRTI (the classical station) on the stereo in the living room which will be on all day so that when I walk out of my home office/studio into the living room next door I will immediately hear the relaxing sounds of morning classical.

8:01am: Finally look at my phone and get so bummed because I already have way 2manyemails. Sit at my computer and think that I should get a coffee but there are 11 florescent green post it notes that are telling me it’s time to get to work sooooo….it’s time to start answering emails about soundchecks, set times, backline and band riders for Wednesday’s FIXED CMJ Freakout at Public Assembly, Friday’s Making Time with The Rapture, Metronomy, Class Actress, Still Corners and Free Energy in Philly and Saturday’s Making Time CMJ Freakout with Twin Shadow and Seekae at Le Bain and November 5th’s Making Time with The Drums and WU LYF. This week is going to be intense !

8:36am: I am terrible with signing and faxing in contacts. Definitely not one of my strong points. So….I am not signing contacts for The Rapture, The Drums, WU LYF, Still Corners, Twin Shadow, Class Actress and Metronomy. Most of these are for this week. Oops.

10:06am: Still answering emails. Still no coffee. Just realized my graphic designer put the wrong date on two posters for the next two Making Time parties as I sent them to print. Oops. Deliberate whether I should shower before I go get coffee or not waste the time and just wear this ridiculous straw hat I’ve been wearing lately. I think I’ll go with the straw hat….that’s been the move the past 2 days and of course my favorite cardigan.

10:15am: started faxing in all the contracts I signed earlier. This could take a while.

10:23am: Announced that we’re adding Class Actress and Free Energy to this Friday’s Making Time with The Rapture, Metronomy and Still Corner. Thinking to myself….why do I still use myspace links for links to bands that are playing. Immediately start worrying about how we are going to pull off having 5 bands at Making Time…..hopefully it works.

10:36am: Got permits to block off 160 feet of parking spots on 13th St. for The Rapture’s tour bus and Metronomy, Still Corners, Free Energy and Class Actress’s vans. I don’t think that’s going to be enough space. I still really need coffee.

10:47am: Reading how Pitchfork gave the new Rustie record a 8.0. Hmmmm…..not sure if I agree with that so I listen to the Rustie record again. It’s pretty rad but….it’s just too early for this. I’m gonna listen to this Keith Kenniff soundcloud instead.

11:05am: Showered !!! I really needed one. But still in the email mania in my towel and still need coffee. Ugh.

11:58am: The email mania continues. My need for coffee grows. Time to burn some Big Sur Sage and listen to play some Maison Neuve to keep it mellow in the office. Meanwhile….morning classical continues on the living room stereo. Someone told me I should hear this new Chelsea Wolfe record so I will illegally download that on the internet. Oops.

12:21pm: AIM away message up. Off to get coffee. I wish I had time to go to downtown to The Last Drop but…..One Shot Coffee is closer. PS….I live in Philadelphia.

1:15pm: Ran into the Free Energy doods on the way to the One Shot. They are very stoked for Friday’s Making Time HYPER-RAGER !!! Checked out my neighbors wild Halloween decoration installation on the way home from One Shot. Intense.

1:17pm: Back from my coffee break. This Chelsea Wolfe record is pretty rad !!!
Time for lunch. Yoohoo ! Literally…..yoohoo  Then….back to the email mania.

1:35pm: Time for a roofdeck flower and plant watering soundcheck.

2:03: Burning some Nag Champa Waiting for Sammy Slice to come over to get some music together for the upcoming week’s hyper-ragers. He’s picking up an extra CDJ from Voyeur (where we do Making Time) and….I’m burning cds as always and trying to organize my perpetually disorganized cd book while listening to the new Doldrums record. It rules.