new useless machines | noho design week @ oak bond

new useless machines
open for viewing at oak bond st.
28 bond st. between bowery and lafayette
Saturday May 15 and Monday May 17 – Tuesday May 18, 11AM to 8PM; Sunday, May 16, 11 AM to 7PM

Inspired by the useless machines of Italian design legend Bruno Munari, Sight Unseen has curated an exhibition of hanging mobile designs taking place at the downtown fashion destinations Oak and Rogan. For four days, the ceilings of the Bond Street and Bowery boutiques will be strung with experimental mobiles handmade by design, art, and fashion talents, who will present a whole series of mobiles — including Rogan Gregory, Confetti System, Tobias Wong, Joe and Bec Brittain, Lauren Manoogian, Jason Rosenberg, Kiel Mead, Kristin Barron, Annie Lenon, Mary Meyer, and Ross Menuez.

“My useless machines were made of cardboard painted in plain colors, and sometimes a glass bubble, while the whole thing was held together with the frailest of wooden rods and bits of thread. They had to be light, so as to turn with the slightest movement of the air, and the thread was just the thing to prevent them getting all twisted up … I thought that instead of painting triangles and other geometrical forms within the atmosphere of an oblong picture, it would perhaps be interesting to free these forms from the static nature of a picture and to hang them up in the air, attached to each other in such a way as to live with us in our own surroundings, sensitive to the atmosphere of real life, to the air we breathe … Whether or not Calder started from the same idea, the fact is that we were together in affirming that figurative art had passed from two or at the most three dimensions to acquire a fourth: that of time.” —Bruno Munari, Design as Art, 1966



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