With our Moving Spaces Show only a few days away at OAK 910 S. Broadway, we’re introducing you to photographer Samantha West, the third artist exhibiting at the show. Check out some of Samantha’s work and our interview with the artist below, and make sure to see her and her photographs in person this Friday evening at OAK DTLA!

About the artist:
Our eyes are superb vessels. They – all at once! – translate and harness light to reveal multiple layers of emotional depth, undiscovered strengths, and hidden vulnerability. A portrait contains a singular intimacy – communicated from muse to artist. Having someone sit for me is a privilege; an invisible, collaborative dance, a cognitive tango.  My medium was once pencil and paper, brush and oils. I now paint with light and pixels. My work evolves with practice, but what remains is my desire to expose the innate beauty I see in every individual I photograph before me.

OAK: How would you describe your style of photography?
SAMANTHA WEST: I think my work is very personal, which I hope lends intimacy to my photographs. I want a sense of timelessness and elegance to come across when I shoot my subjects. My intention is not to make work that is one trend, but classic.

OAK: What are you listening to?
SW: Fleetwood Mac, Penny Penny, 1970s funk from Nigeria, Ned Doheny, Bob Moses and lots more.

OAK: What are you looking forward to in 2015?
SW: I have so much to explore here in LA still and there are adventures to be had outside of the city. I am still getting to know California! It is wonderful!

OAK: Where are your favorite places in Los Angeles?
SW: My friends’ homes in LA, particularly a back porch Angelino Heights. With their vast views of the sunset, palm trees and slices of downtown’s sky scrapers, it encapsulates why LA is magical to me. You have strange architecture, nature abound, insane sunsets, the sea in distance and views of the metropolis that is LA. It is a strange and awesome mash up.

OAK: What movie do you quote from most often?
SW: None!

OAK: Tell us an embarrassing story about yourself.
SW: I have to say that I do not embarrass easily.

OAK: Let us in on the OAK (show), what are you excited about showing?
SW: I am so happy to be able to share some of my work with two of my muses – musician, Morgan Kibby, and fine artist (and incredible make up artist), Gloria Noto. Two very special and inspiring women who have made my experience in LA thus far all the more rich.