NYC-based street artist Mr. B @yo_sup_b will be showing his latest works at his show Melinone on Monday June 1st at 44 Bowery. Before the show we were able to talk with the artist about his work, his influences and the best place to hang in NYC this summer.

OAK: What can you tell us about your show on June 1st?

MR B: The show is curated by Lauren Poggi. It will consist of a variety of prints along with wooden sculptures that were based off the premise of choice. Specifically, what would you do if you ran into your ex? Would you run the other way, or confront your fears? The title Melinone is inspired by the Greek nymph of the same name, who is a bringer of nightmares and madness… Or in this case, an unexpected and unwelcome confrontation.

OAK: What do you listen to while you’re working?
MR. B: I start of with some Cam’ron , Travis scott, MCR, Twin Shadow, Lenny Kravitz and then always end with Justice.

OAK: What initially drew you to street art?
MR. B: I was basically getting pissed of uploading my stuff on tumblr and not really getting any views on my work or reblogs etc. I wanted to reach out to people by a different means of visual media. So by walking around New York City – especially SoHo – I would always see particular tags/street art around these neighborhoods. I Googled how to wheat-paste and asked around to see if anyone wanted to help me wheat-paste some of my work three times a month.

OAK: A lot of your work includes distorted, scratched or crossed out faces. What was your motivation behind this decision?
MR. B: Jean-Michel Basquiat said “I cross out words so you will see them more; the fact that they are obscured makes you want to read them.” I always loved that saying and I always try to incorporate that idea in my work even if it’s more image-based. However, the main idea around my actions of facial distortion is that I’m really just to scared of facing someone face-to-face (aka my ex/loved ones).

OAK: Where’s your favorite spot to hang out during the summer in NYC?
MR. B: I like to go to Bite on Lafayette St., get my eggplant sandwich, and chill on Crosby St., Prince St. or Bond St. and people watch.

OAK: Your video work has a lo-fi, home movie aspect to it. What about that video quality are you attracted to?
MR. B: My use of this aesthetic is also an homage to the artists Vito Acconci, William Wegman and Nam June Paik, who worked with early Sony Portapak cameras. With my process [there is] room for camera errors and glitches. The image is not polished like the images you would get from a current HD camera, so the camera matches the grittiness of the subject matter that I am exploring.

OAK: What’s the last great film you saw? What did you like about it?
MR. B: Maybe it was the movie Oldboy (2003) just because of that fucking ending… Damn, bruh.

OAK: After your show on June 1st, what are you working on next?
MR. B: After my show, I’m showing my MFA video work at Thesis Screening on Friday, June 19, 2015 7:00 PM 9:00 PM at SVA Theatre. After that, I’m working on scanning more stuff from printed images and lessen the amount of DMs I send to hot Instagram girls… maybe :/