Here at Oak we value the resourceful genius found in raw creative expression — from the independent designers we carry to the underground musicians and DJ’s we hype. Visual art is no exception. In a day and age when the all-too exclusive “art scene” easily turns the other cheek to those on the come up, it’s vital for emerging talent to have a space to cast their stone and create a ripple in great sea of status quo. There’s a new generation of beautiful losers forging their own paths and Mixed Meduim is here to showcase these artists we have mad respect for. Curated and written by Justin Fulton


For our first installment we brought some much needed heat to NYC. Get familiar with 25 year old Cuban-American artist Laz Rodriguez. Miami born and bred, Laz is a self-taught photographer who’s been making waves in the zine scene by independently producing his own publication I Swear, currently available in stores. His quirky, often sensual work has shown at venues like BYOB Miami, Preteen Gallery in Mexico City, and New York’s own Envoy Enterprises. lazrodriguez.com

Justin Fulton: Tell us a little about zine culture where you’re from and why you were drawn to it.
Laz Rodreguez: A lot of the zines that come out Miami are kind of punk based. Not sure if that makes sense, but I guess more radical in ideas and informative purpose. I’ve always been into the D.I.Y. aesthetic and as I started shooting more and learning about smaller independent publishers, I realized I can just print out my own books or maybe even get one published and distributed.

Justin: What challenges have you had to overcome as a self-taught artist?
Laz: People trying not to see you.

Justin: Why did you choose to make photography your medium of choice?
Laz: Through feedback and feeling it because it’s so easy and so hard.

Justin: Besides snapping photos around town, what keeps you busy?
Laz: Playing PC games and drugs. [laughs] kidding, I mean…going out to my friends’ parties. Lately trying to throw some techno drag nights called The-Ick (dick).

Justin: What are your top 3 spots in Miami?
Laz: Usually the Electric Pickle, Twist, or Gramps Bar.


Justin: Describe your aesthetic in 3 words.
Laz: Subtle. Confusing. Sexual.

Justin: Any fetishes?
Laz: Body hair, voyeurism, in the car…So many dark streets and dead ends here.

Justin: You have quite the sexual appeal, how many dick pics do you exchange on the regular?
Laz: They exist somewhere. I’ve lost plenty of phones. I joke that I will see my ass somewhere, but no one really sends me anything. Feel free to start now.

Justin: We read somewhere that you were into Jewish geeks who don’t tan. How has that search been in Miami?
Laz: Not well [laughs], that write up was joke. I don’t have a thing for white people, but I do fetishize Hasidic Jews. Does that sound bad?

Justin: [laughs] No. I definitely see you on the Hasidic draw.

Justin: What are you listening to right now?
Laz: Anything Anthony Parasole, John Roberts, Cop City/Chill Pillars.

Justin: What do you collect?
Laz: I don’t really collect anything in particular. I do keep a lot of things from friends like flyers, stickers and prints.

Justin: In what ways did you express your creativity as a kid?
Laz: I skateboarded and did a lot of drawing.

Justin: Where do see yourself in 5 years?
Laz: Not sure hopefully alive and well. Not in Miami but still in Miami.