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As we draw closer to next Friday’s Moving Spaces Show at OAK 910 S. Broadway in DTLA, we’ll be introducing you to the participating artists in our Mixed Medium series. First up is Dez’Mon Omega Fair, who specializes in watercolor painting. Take a look at Dez’Mon’s process and read our interview with him, where he talks about his migration from NYC to the West Coast, what inspired his choice of medium, and what influences his work.

About the artist:
Dez’Mon Omega Fair, reared in Orangeburg, South Carolina, currently works with watercolor. His practice parallels art making to the development of ‘Self’ in a empircal study. He sojourns in Los Angeles, California and continues to make work.

‘A masterpiece as painting will paint itself, as a life will live itself’

OAK: Where are you from?
DEZ’MON OMEGA FAIR: The Carolinas.

OAK: Where did you go to school or what training do you have?
DOF: I mean, I went to SCAD briefly, but I didn’t finish. #recession. I’m self-taught and self-disciplined.

OAK: Why watercolor?
DOF: Because they’re difficult. Watercolor forces me to find a common ground with it’s inherence and my ‘want’ within an image. I can’t make it do anything, I can only suggest so to speak. Each piece begins to create an identity of its own, either close to what I had imagined or complete in a way I could not have. Feeling my hand become more decisive and my process more grounded obliged me to reconstruct old ideas and my taste surrounding art. Noting the parallels between life and painting are now commonplace– the notion of patience. Timing. Waiting until a navy spot slowly bleeds into a baby blue, brilliantly enhanced by teal, then grounded by a subtle yellow streak leaves green speckles in a “completed” work’s new visceral abundance. It also confronted me with an unsettled nostalgia. I remembered painting as a kid, not having the hand to produce a photorealistic image discouraged me; I have envy for that kind of artistic acumen. It took a long time for me to appreciate my own mind and hand. Using watercolors revolutionized my thinking. For that reason watercolor will always be apart of my practice.

OAK: Where do you find inspiration?
DOF: I find people inspiring. I like watching changes in perspective. I like being shocked by my own cerebral extension or noticing “trending” thought patterns within “civilization”. There’s something really fascinating about the gravity of mass opinion, the changes in public appeal, and the nonsense of collective praise and or scrutiny. I can always find inspiration in humanity. It’s an interesting world we live in when we bring pause to our given opinions and really take in what’s happening around us.

OAK: What do you mean “given opinions”?
DOF: We’re all handed “a roll” or “an opinion”. We’re taught how to be male or female, black or white, gay or straight; how to be Jewish or Christian. Our personalities are a performance, in some sense, responding to our inward perspective of the physical forms we inhabit. We either perpetuate them or challenge them, depending on our innate view of the given opinion.

Everything is meaningless, meaning anything and everything has the potential to be redefined.

OAK: What was the transition like from NY to LA?
DOF: I’d thought about moving from New York for some time. I never considered Los Angeles for whatever reason, but after my visit last Spring, something about the city clicked. Returning to New York always felt right, but not this time. Something wasn’t the same. I’ve become nomadic having moved almost every three years since high school. It took me two extra years to tire of New York. I’ve felt the most at home in NY. I felt at ease being myself. But with most good things, it has a downside. It can be melancholic in it’s winters and it’s dweller along with it. NY is built on the idea of ‘making it’ or ‘creating yourself’ blah blah blah. However true those tenets are for the city, the rat race became too sad to watch and too laborious to enjoy. It made me better for sure, but it also made me anxious. City energy has a way of tricking you, for better or for worse. Self-importance is the blessing and the affliction of New York City. That being said, I’m happy to move back someday. Los Angeles feels like a clean slate and is welcoming to the more dorky parts of my personality. At first the typical sunny backdrop and standard palms were jarring in their monotony. I was for sure in shock for three months. I live in the hilly part of Silverlake and just going to the gas station for a Snickers feels bazaar. A coyote ran passed me once. I peed a little. I went to an event in a McDonalds play pin. The writers, singers, the whistler were all talented. It was very refreshing. The LA art constellation is unpretentious, open, and genuine. Granted I’ve only been here for 6 months. It’s pretty chill.

OAK: Haha, a coyote! I wouldn’t know what I would do with myself either. What sort of music do you like to listen to when you paint?
DOF:  I’m listening to D’angelo right now. I’ve also been listening to the Clockwork Orange and The Godfather soundtracks.

OAK: What are you looking forward to this year?
Enjoying the West Coast sun.

OAK: Let’s jump 10 years… where are you?
DOF: 10 years?! In the linear sense? I don’t know, but I’ll say this…

We’re never sure when the image fully forms,
Minimalism in its illusive serendipity.
Ready for viewing,
Ready for appraisal,
A needy insecure approval.
Present in the weight of our hand,
We move from one end to the next.
Maybe up maybe not.
And while the bleeding yellow stills,
It’s shocked backed to life with a blue moisture,
Leaving a green indecisive trail.
No one could have predicted,
Yet hoped.
And found it’s way to beauty.
Equally equivocal and unequivocal as it may,
A masterpiece as a painting will paint itself,
As a life will live itself.
Knowing I’ll soon have to pay the rent,
We bring a focus to Our Intent.