Meet night owl and all-around fly girl Anita Brathwaite. We caught up with the Brooklyn-based photographer shortly after her visit to Chicago where she opened at Hauser Gallery. She describes her work as her spontaneous addiction, blurring the line between classic and contemporary. Here are some selects from her latest series “We Fell In Love at 6 In the Morning”, exploring New York underground club culture.

website: AnitaBrathwaite.com
blog: NotStockPhotos.com

OAK: Where did you master your craft?
ANITA BRATHWAITE: Both my mom and grandpa were photographers so that’s were it all kind of began. I call it a disease, a sickness — my compulsion to document!

OAK: Talk about your current project.
AB: I’m doing an on-going story right now called “We Fell In Love at 6 In the Morning”. It’s basically a series of candids and portraits taken around 6 in the morning all in New York. I like taking people out of their element, especially New Yorkers who are very self-conscious.


OAK: Your subjects aren’t the regular Joes. Where exactly are you finding such intriguing crowds?
AB: The after-hours [parties], mostly around this neighborhood [Bushwick]. There’s a huge afters scene. Usually when I title them they’ll have a number like #140 or #177 and it’s always referencing address. People always think it’s the number of times I took a photo of a girl on the floor of a dirty bathroom or something.

OAK: What goes down at these after-hours parties?
AB: No Rules.


OAK: What about the scene attracts you the most?
AB: In some ways you can say that it represents you. I try to break down the barriers so there’s no gender, no race or sexuality. They’re not ‘gay’ parties, they’re not ‘black’ parties. Nothing is defined. It doesn’t really exist much out there so we’re lucky here.

OAK: Describe your photo style.
AB: I like black and white. That 70’s vibe, but modern in content. Low-fi.