meet the model: jake gordon

where are you from? and how you got into modeling?

I am Aboriginal Australian from Sydney. My mother is Indigenous and my father is European. My aboriginal name is yuluwirri gabinya which means rainbow boy I have it tattooed on my inner arm. I was discovered at a sydney bar when I moved to Sydney on an Australian Government internship. I have been modeling for a year and a half, once found out about me and being the first Indigenous high fashion model they did a story about me as a fresh face and that’s how I ended up in NY.

how long have you been in new york? what’s your favorite thing about new york?

I have been in NY just under two weeks! It’s been insane everyone’s been responding to my work really well which is great. I love this city. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. There are so many exiting new adventures to be had everyday.

who are some of your favorite designers?

My top three favorite designers at the moment are Rick Owens, Balenciaga and I’m loving some of the extremities coming from Jeremy Scott.

what’s your favorite item from Oak?

The torque tee! There is nothing more I love than a well designed basic tee. I think OAK has done a really good job in creating the perfect everyday tee at a great price.

random list of things you like:
hippies, chocolates, denim, kitten videos on YouTube, Fleetwood Mac, tattoos, love, people who like to read, photographs, and OAK of course

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