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In case you missed it, try to check out Milk Studios as the acclaimed photographer Rankin is taking photographs as part of the Rankin Live series. After the huge success of the London show, Rankin Live will take place on 1st-5th June 2011 in New York, at Milk Gallery (450 West 15th Street, number 800, New York, NY 10011-7057, USA). Rankin and his team will photograph as many as four people an hour in the gallery space. From the fire of the shutter, the images will be projected onto the wall, retouched, printed and hung as part of an evolving exhibition in a matter of fifteen minutes – showcasing the latest in photographic technology. Rankin is calling for all New Yorkers who have enthusiasm, original style and the personality to match, to come and be photographed. This is an exclusive opportunity to feature in front of a lens that has shot the likes of George Clooney, Grace Jones, The Rolling Stones, Jay-Z and countless others.

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