just in: six scents series two

in collaboration with givaudan, six scents series two explores the relationship between artist and nature through a collection of fragrances, stories, films, art and photography. Each experience intends to instigate the desire to preserve our environment so that others can continue to be inspired by the beauty, power and intrigue of nature. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to pro-natura in support of the environmental sustainability programs.

participants in this season collaboration include: philip lim, damir doma, henrik vibskov, henry holland, richard nicoll and toga.

in addition to the olfactory creations, three video artists contributed to the launch of series two…


Direction: Azuma Makoto
Sound: Alessandro Tinelli

The flowers in the artwork symbolize the scent and its creators. The materials represent the environments in which they inhabit and how they are experienced. Together, they express the beauty of the moment that gave birth to the fragrances created for Six Scents: Series Two.


Flashback by Marco Bramilla

Flashback weaves together iconographic images sampled from films to create a kinetic video canvas
– visualizing the spectrum of human emotion and recall using the principles of cognitive psychology.
Perfumes are formulated from distinct notes, each of which represents a particular thought or feeling.
They then combine to form a complex fragrance that can vary from individual to individual. Similar
to the varying effects a perfume can have on any particular person, Flashback for Six Scents Parfums:
Series Two explores the way an individual might remember thoughts and feelings associated with the
experience of each fragrance.


Subliminal by justin edward john and 3deep design

No matter which country you are from or what environment you inhabit we all live beneath the stars. Each world acts as a beacon and destination within the universe.

Six Scents Series Two revolves around the central theme of nature. Each designer has crafted their own world within the Six Scents universe. Through the use of six models, ‘Subliminal’ attempts to capture the emotions associated with each fragrance and the way that a person would inhabit or interact with the environments imagined by Six Scents Series Two Designers; 3.1 Phillip Lim, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Henry Holland, Richard Nicoll and Toga.

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