_DSC0457-2-EditWords by Conor Riley
Photographs by Justin Fulton

From jobs at the Mall of America, to their own Brooklyn-based company, twin sisters Coco & Breezy have built a successful brand of sunglasses, and created highly recognizable images for themselves over the course of a few short years. OAK is pleased to now carry Coco & Breezy sunglasses, and we recently caught up with the twins in the OAK Photo Studio for a shoot styled by Coco & Breezy themselves. We also had the chance to talk with C&&B about their journey from rocking the suburbs to the big city hustle.

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OAK: To your fans you’re identical twins, who often rock the same look together, but you have made it clear in the past that when it comes to Corianna and Brianna, there are some differences. What would you say are your biggest differences from each other?
COCO: Breezy and I look very identical but we have different yet similar personalities. I would have to say that our personalities balance each other in a perfect way.
BREEZY: Coco is a lot more chill and calm. I’m a bit more feisty! It balances out perfectly because my weaknesses are Coco’s strengths.

OAK: Can you each describe each other in three words?
C: Visonary, Leader, Beautiful.
B: Outspoken, Genuine, Creative.

OAK: How has your sisterly bond given you an edge in such a competitive industry?
C&&B: Since we are not only sisters but twins, our bond is very unique and not many siblings share the same bond that we have. Since we were kids we have always been inseparable and stuck together. When we started the business together it worked out perfectly because we understand each other to the fullest. We understand that business has no feelings so we do not let us being family interfere with our business. I can say that us being twins with the same passion and dreams has given us an advantage since we are always together, and we are constantly working. There are two of us, so there are days that we work 24 hours and we just switch up who gets to take a nap. It’s actually a blessing because we have each other to constantly keep ourselves motivated.

OAK: You’ve danced, modeled, and been designers. What has been your favorite experience in each of those lanes?
C: I would say they are all forms of art. Dancing was our first passion growing up. The feeling of being on stage and performing in front of crowds of people gave us a crazy rush that we loved.
B: It’s funny, because we do a lot of photoshoots but we don’t like to call ourself models. I do think that since we have been in front of the camera, it has helped us to learn how to direct our models and shoots for our brand’s look books and campaigns. Of course design and art is such an amazing form of expression. Just the thought of creating a piece that a person gets attached to, loves and wears is such an amazing feeling.
C: We are artists in general and love to explore different art-forms. We have also directed a few videos and we love to paint!

OAK: What has been the biggest surprise thus far in your career as designers?
C: In 2009, when we quit our jobs at the Mall of America and made the decision that we were picking up and leaving to NYC to pursue our dreams as designers. We had a lot of people tell us that it was impossible but our parents encouraged us to go. After making that crazy move and coming to NYC with nothing, it was a big surprise to be able to say “we’re living in NYC and doing what we love full-time since day one!”
B: We made something out of nothing!


OAK: Everyone’s hometown inspires them in some way, whether it’s a big city or a tiny suburb. What are your favorite parts about your home-town in Minnesota, and how much of your upbringing still inspires the two of you today?
C: I always say that we are thankful for growing up in the suburbs. Even though it was not very fashionable and we were always outcasts, it made us the women and creators we are today. I always say that the suburbs made us into visionaries. Since we didn’t have very many resources around us, we were forced to create our own ideas and resources. It really drove us to use our imagination to the fullest. I am very thankful for that and I appreciate it now.
B: Our upbringing plays a big part in our inspiration that we live by every day. First off, I want to say we have the best parents in the world! Our parents did an amazing job raising us as artists and always encouraged us that it was okay to be different from the other kids. There are a lot of parents that discourage their kids to get into the fashion or art world as a career. Our parents always pushed us to reach farther than the stars. Every day we thank them for allowing us to grow and be ourselves. There are a lot of parents that try to mold their kids, and our parents never did that!

OAK: What are you currently listening to?
C: Tokimonsta – Darkest Dim – a song we have on repeat all day!
B: Lapalux – Time Patience Everything

OAK: What would our readers be surprised to find out about you?
C&&B: We are extremely shy! That is one of our things we are trying to get over.

OAK: A big part of your brand is your unmistakable street style. In this Internet generation, how do you think street style has influenced fashion design over the past few years, and where do you see it going from here?
C&&B: We do think that street style has influenced the fashion industry in a tremendous way. The bigger designers get their inspiration from street style. I also think the people that are from smaller cities can use street style from the bigger cities as inspiration for fashion trends. Everything starts off in the streets.

OAK: What do Coco & Breezy do when they aren’t working?
C&&B: We love to ride our bikes around Brooklyn and enjoy the scenery. We always enjoy going to the park to relax and clear our minds. It’s very rare when we are not working, because we work everyday. We love our work so it technically doesn’t even feel like work. The passion is so real.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.17.58 AMCoco & Breezy ‘Mosi’ sunglasses in black.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.18.13 AMCoco & Breezy ‘Mosi’ sunglasses in grey ombre.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.18.33 AMCoco & Breezy ‘Zesiro’ sunglasses in black.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.18.48 AMCoco & Breezy ‘Thema’ sunglasses in tortoise.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.19.08 AMCoco & Breezy ‘Thema’ sunglasses in yellow.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.19.26 AMCoco & Breezy ‘Atsu’ sunglasses in black.

 Coco & Breezy wear: Cheap Monday ‘Neve’ bodysuit, Won Hundred ‘Make’ leather boot, OAK silver rider short, OAK karate sweatshirt in blackOAK silver sleeve varsity jacket, OAK black/silver rider jacket,