After attending the Boy who cried wolf listening party a few weeks back, I got a chance to catch up with the artist Wifisfuneral at the Oak Studio. If you haven’t heard already, Isaiah Rivera also known as Wifisfuneral is leading a generation of turn up musicians on the internet, while staying true to his Florida roots. Check out our conversation below and give an ear to “Boy who cried wolf” if you haven’t already.

RC: What’s inspiring about you as an artist is the way you connect music with culture, performance and creativity. Is it enough for a musician these days to just be a musician?

WF: I don’t feel like that’s enough. A musician nowadays should be multitalented, and involved in pretty much everything. You have to be very self-sufficient with your brand and what you want to present through your artistry.

Wifi wears the Satin bomber

RC: How did you know this was the right time to release Boy Who Cried Wolf?

WF: I felt like my fans as a whole wanted a lot of new music and a lot of new flows and sounds as well. Throughout making the project and going over it track by track, I felt that putting it out around August was the perfect time. I had my fans waiting four months for new music.

What sounds were you pulling influence from for the record/mixtape?

Just a lot of Three 6 Mafia honestly.

In terms of production, does Boy Who Cried Wolf go somewhere new for you?

It shows versatility as an artist. All three of my projects (Boy Who Cried Wolf, When Hell Falls, and Black Heart Revenge) were completely new sounds. It shows you my growth as an artist by listening to how diverse my catalogue is.

Is there any particular person that maybe you haven’t discussed publicly before who’s been really influential in your life?

My manager. He’s been the core of everything for wifisfuneral, keeping shit together and keeping my head together mentally and reminding me every day of what I need to do.

RC: How has your style evolved since you’ve developed as an artist?

WF: I’ve finally gotten accustomed to my own style. I have a groove for it now; back when I started I was working on putting bars together with a flow. I’m comfortable with my voice now.

RC: When’s the last time you pat yourself on the back?

WF: I have no idea. I don’t know how to answer that question because I’m not content with a lot of things right now so I’m trying to get to that point.

RC: How would you describe your personal style?

WF: Just very plain and dark colors.

Wifi wears the Slouch hoodie


RC: How does your wardrobe impact the image you try to convey in the music?

WF: When kids look at me they can relate to me, minus the jewelry. I don’t wear too many name brand clothing; instead I wear things that are affordable to everyone, so that it’s accessible.

RC: What are some traveling essentials you take on tour?

WF: PS4, Starbursts. Yellow Gatorade, and a pack of Lays chips (original flavor)

RC: What’s on your fall 2017 playlist?

WF: Oowee by Trippie Redd, Perplexing Pegasus by Rae Sremmurd, and Tic Tac by myself.

Wifi wears the Satin bomber

Catch @wifisfuneral tearing it up on the remainder of his BOY WHO CRIED WOLF TOUR

Interview & Styling: Ryan Charlie
Photography: Elvin Tavarez




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