By Sara Gee

As we get ready for Friday’s OAK + THE SQUAD event at OAK 7228 Beverly Blvd in LA, Sara stopped by the designers’ Venice Beach studio for an interview and first look at the exclusive 1/1 styles they’re creating for us. Check it out below, and make sure to come see us from 8 PM – 11 PM at OAK Beverly this Friday!

SARA: How was the transition from New York to Los Angeles?
KATHERINE: Super difficult!
ALEX: What helped us a lot was moving straight to the water.

SARA: Did living near water inspire you guys?

KATHERINE: I grew up on the water, so it feels natural. It’s just the salty air, it helps me think clearer. I really think living in Venice has softened the brand.
ALEX: Let’s face it: it’s sunny and 70 degrees every day.

SARA: What type of music inspires you?

ALEX: For us, it’s down tempo almost all day. Music kinda plays a background so I don’t hear myself think too much.

SARA: Well, how about a favorite band? Something that you listen to most often?
KATHERINE: Thievery Corporation, it’s soft and complex. It’s worldly and electronic. It’s something I can listen to and never get tired of.
ALEX: Nope

SARA: Fine, favorite color… you’ve got to have one.

ALEX: Well, my favorite color is white. People tell me white is not a real color; it’s just the absence of color. But white is always our canvas. My favorite kind of ice cream is vanilla.
KATHERINE: You are always looking for the perfect vanilla.

SARA: What are you looking forward to in 2015?
ALEX: So many things…
KATHERINE: We have the best team right now, and I am so happy by who were surrounding ourselves with. They make us so much better. We opened our first Squad club, and that’s been amazing experience. For the first time we have our own So Shop [that’s what were dubbing it], and have the ability to completely control our process, which is… no words.

SARA: Let us in on some of the things y’all do outside of The Squad.
Katherine: Whenever I get a moment, it’s seeing some art. We’re big flea marketers.
ALEX: Every so often you’ll find me at Venice beach playing basketball on the water.
KATHERINE: We get and the car & drive sometimes, we both have an affinity for new places.

SARA: Will we start seeing squad clubs in other cities?

ALEX: We hope so. Maybe New York or Paris. I think what Katie and I have gotten good at is the natural evolution of the brand.
KATHERINE: We subscribe to the idea of organic growth, and what happens…happens.

SARA: What’s the story behind The Squad Boys and Girls Cub?

ALEX: the short version…?
KATHERINE: We lived at 453 Broome in NY, started the idea of the brand, surrounded by our friends who were also all in some sort of Art academic, and always dreamed of having our own front. Several years after relocating to LA, we stumbled open a possible spot and coincidentally it carries the same street address 453. Its so crazy we knew we had our first boys and girls club, and that is what it is…not a flagship, not a retail store, but a place to convene & share…we want the space to be an ever-changing installation. Also, we consider the line genderless so we like the play of calling out boys & girls in the name. There is a longer version… but we’ll let you go.