TBA is back at OAK with six new styles that have already become customer and employee favorites. We recently had the chance to speak with Ty McBride and Melissa LaChance, the globetrotting creative team behind the brand. They were able to shed some light on what drives the emerging shoe line, who would star in a TBA movie, and what trends need to go on summer vacation.

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OAK: Your collections don’t abide by the traditional seasonal schedules or release dates, allowing you to expand outside fall, spring, resort, and pre-fall collections. What lead to this decision?
TY McBRIDE: For us, it’s gone global and non-seasonal. We try to make each collection fluid and cohesive, but with that said, we don’t want to be held to seasonal restraints. We also don’t like to miss key items so we introduce those [styles] within deliveries to keep the collection on up-to-the-minute trends. TBA is showing up at stores around the world, in each hemisphere, country and continent and we are creating seasonless staples for the global nomad in all of us.

OAK: With resort and pre-fall becoming increasingly important seasons for the rest of us, we’re thinking a new season is going to emerge any time now. Care to be the first to name it for us?
TM: Global Warming Collectione?

OAK: A big concept with TBA is that your shoes add a layer that harmonizes with a look, rather than becoming the overpowering focal point. How do you reach this balance, from design to branding?
TM: We feel that the theme of WONKY shoes is passing. Of course, we loved it while it was here, but not every shoe needs bells, whistles, spikes and an LED show. We’re taking it back a bit, with Scandinavian minimalisim in mind, but Bushwick late night beer runs also figured in to keep the collection young and viable. The shoes are about your lifestyle and your take on trend and current fashion—it’s about becoming a part of how you function.
MELISSA LaCHANCE: We feel that the fashion ladies out there are taking it a step back. Minimal is in. It’s all about making those perfect, hard to find staples we’re always searching for, but elevating them with the Spanish quality and design details. I think about what I want, what my friends want, what we’re searching for and will wear day in and day out with everything. It’s easy but it’s cute and it can really fit into whatever look you’re giving. TBA is for all types of ladies (and hopefully the boys soon too!). We in turn try to keep the branding the same, simple and open for interpretation.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.10.26 PMTBA ‘Esther’ boot.


OAK: If TBA were a film, who would star in it?
TM: Meryl Streep stars as an overpowering retired mother of two estranged daughters who both live on opposite coasts of a 2028 Australian setting. Streep has a drinking and gambling problem which has come between her and her daughters. Oliva, played by Mandy Moore is a 30 year-old ad exec living in Sydney. Her younger sister, Daisy, played by Elle Fanning studies Archeology and Women’s Studies in Perth. The three women are brought together by a twist of fate meeting that involves tangled internet romances, interventions and the Miss Australia Pageant.

OAK: The film would also need a soundtrack. Who would be on it?
TM: Are you kidding? ANYTHING ROBYN!
ML: With that plot, I think we need to add some Lana [Del Rey] in for the drama.

OAK: What trend is due for a comeback? What trend needs to announce its retirement?
TM: What about really full on western boots? I love it! Also I am ready for over-the-knee, but not sexy. Like super practical bases, with OTK uppers. I think most people would agree that both Madonna in wacky costumes and studs on everything could both gracefully “TAKE A BOW” at any time.

OAK: With collaborations becoming the status quo for designers, can we expect an “X” attaching TBA and another brand down the line? Who is your dream collaboration and what would it look like?
TM: We’re working on a small collabo now, so if that pans out we will let you know! If not, we would like to do a collaboration with HOT POCKETS in 2014.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.12.42 PMTBA ‘Sarabelle’ boot.

OAK: Part of your brand DNA is that TBA shoes can transition seamlessly from day to night. Can you describe the perfect TBA day to night for our readers?
TM: We’re career girls — so we not only work a lot, but we enjoy it. But you know what they say about all work and no play — well, it’s not cute. A simple TBA weeknight is easy and breezy, drinks at the annex with the ladies, dishing on how many bottles of white wine we can toss back, and the latest gossip of both the office and the blogosphere! Life is crazy and we love spending QT with friends to keep it down-tempo and fun. PS. Who ordered this charcuterie plate!!?

OAK: How do you want TBA to evolve and expand moving forward?
TM: At this point we are still so young, just over 2 years at this point, and [have been] wholesaling since December. It’s all happening so fast, we just want to keep it small, keep it tight and keep it right. We want to be housed in top stores globall, by people who appreciate and understand what we are doing.
ML: We just want it to grow and expand organically. We’re confident that the branding and quality will speak for itself and that TBA will be a brand with longevity. We don’t keep it a secret that this is a project started by Solestruck, but we also don’t feel it’s super relevant. The brand can stand alone, and just like the shoes, doesn’t need any bells whistles or gimmicks to make it successful and wanted.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.14.30 PMTBA ‘Gracie’ bootie.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.17.48 PMTBA ‘Margie’ sandal.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.19.06 PMTBA ‘Cookie’ sandal.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.20.27 PMTBA ‘Edith’ booth.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 12.21.52 PMTBA ‘Edith’ boot in silver.