We recently interviewed the jewelry designer Santiago Casanova whose amazing pieces we currently have for sale on the webstore here and here.

Tell us some basic things about yourself, where you’re from, where you’re currently working out of, a little history:

I was born in Argentina and moved to the States when I was about 7. I remember thinking that the US was going to be just like Disney, so I was pretty excited. After a few english-less months in California, we relocated to Connecticut and that was home for the next 15 years or so. I moved to the city a while ago, and am currently based out of the Lower East Side.


When did you start to make jewelry?

I suppose I got really serious about it a few years ago when I started selling custom pieces to private clients after gaining some noteriety from the necklaces I would make for friends.


What initially drew you to this form of design?

I’ve always been facinated by how powerful a good accessory can be. The idea that a single piece can make an entire look was a very appealing one, so I experimented with honing my esthetic into a piece that can spark conversation.—–


Where do you find every day inspiration?

I have no idea


How do you make your pieces? Do you prefer a specific material over another or do you like to experiment and mix it up? 

For better or for worse, I am a bit of a control freak, so I make every piece by hand. At the moment, I’m interested in mixing synthetic and natural materials. It seems like with the natural progression of things, we’ll all turn into cyborgs soon.


For example, on our website we have two necklaces of yours where hair is a important part of the piece, what draws you to hair as a material in jewelry?

Hair carries a very intimate history. It’s quite literally a strand of DNA and information, so it gives you something to contemplate while you go about your day. It’s interesting to see how people react to such a familiar material in an unfamiliar setting.


An exciting moment/memory that sticks out that involves your jewelry?

When people I knew started asking for it. I started designing for myself, to get ideas out of my head and have something i loved from start to finish. Then other people started showing interest, the affirmation was  great.


Current music you’ve been into?

Any Favella Funk (Buraka Som Sistema, Bonde do Rolê), Die Antwoord, Classical, and always Kate Bush


Advice for aspiring jewelry designers?

Wear what you produce, and be proud of it.