Versus Versace Launch Hosted By  Donatella Versace - ArrivalsLadyfag in the OAK SS13 silver rider short.

In the midst of putting the finishing touches on our project for this Sunday’s Pop Souk at the Beirgarten of The Standard, we were lucky enough get a chance to speak with the event’s mastermind herself: Ladyfag. Giving us everything from a history of the Pop Souk event and what she likes to do when she’s not partying, to her dream travel destinations and her musical guilty pleasure, we’re now more excited than ever for Sunday. Check out our interview with Ladyfag below, and don’t forget to come see us at Pop Souk!

OAK: For any Pop Souk virgins out there, can you give us a brief history of the event, and how it came to be?
LADYFAG: Pop Souk is a melting pot of all my worlds. I used to sell vintage clothing & antiques for 10 years in Kensington Market in Canada. When I moved to NY I started working in nightlife and throwing parties. They’re actually more similar then you might think. It’s all about bringing creative people together to enjoy themselves, and creating community. Pop Souk is a platform for the artists themselves to showcase their designs or sell their old costumes…It’s like a market meets party.So if you’re still a Pop Souk virgin, this Sunday is a chance to pop your cherry!

OAK: What can we expect from this Sunday’s Pop Souk? How will it be different/the same from past Pop Souk events? Any surprises up your sleeve?
LADYFAG: This is our first time doing Pop Souk both inside and outside. We got a permit through the city so this season Pop Souk is wrapping around The Standard with people selling along the sidewalk. I think it will add more of a festival feel. Also, not to be a size queen, but we do have over 50 vendors this season, so get ready to shop kids!!


OAK: You’re revered as an icon of New York nightlife (although we’d go as far to say simply and truly an icon through and through), who do you see yourself passing the torch to in this respect?
LADYFAG: Woah. That’s really kind, and I don’t think I’d go that far, but thanks. Also, I’m not planning on dying any time soon, so I’ll try and keep that torch burning! But there’s a lot of kids burning torches bright. This city has so many amazing talents, many of whom I’m lucky to count as friends…you’ll find lots of the next generation at Pop Souk!

OAK: You’ve been all over the world for work and parties, but where are you presently dying to travel to, whether it be to throw a party, or for pleasure?
LADYFAG: Sadly, I rarely take real vacations, they always end up always being ‘work-ations’ which is still pretty amazing. I’ve been dreaming about trading in my heels for djellabas, and make like YSL in Morrocco! I promised my boyfriend we’d go to Eastern Europe this summer. No parties, just us! I am however planning to shop my way through it. I guess you could say I’m going all the way to Eastern Europe for pastries and embroidery!

OAK: What is your favorite daytime activity in New York?
LADYFAG: I live in Brooklyn so I love riding my bike everywhere…even in heels! I’m always cruising by Oak and sitting on your stoop for smoke breaks and amazing people watching! Sure, Williamsburg is full of hipsters, but they’re damn cute so I’m not hating on it!

OAK: Back to Pop Souk, as you say it’s more than just a marketplace, and to us it’s this really great clash of talent that might not ordinarily be under the same roof together, yet make a lot of sense together at the same time. How do you want this concept to evolve going forward? What can we expect Pop Souk to look like in say, a decade from now?
LADYFAG: It’s hard because in some ways I don’t want Pop Souk to grow too much. I love the community feel of it. But you can’t stop a beast, and there’s just so many talented people in NY so it’s much bigger then me. That said are motto is ‘Where downtown sells, not sells out!’ So I plan on staying true to that.

OAK: What’s something about you that people would be surprised to find out? Going off that, If you believe in the concept, what’s your musical guilty pleasure?
LADYFAG: Billy Joel. There I said it. What an embarrassing way to end this. I promise you Pop Souk is way cooler than that!!