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As we get ready to launch NEVER ENDING STORY our collaboration with Joel Andrianomearisoa at OAK Paris tomorrow evening, we took a minute to speak with the artist about the “sentimental” products he designed for us, his Parisian studio and the challenges of working with both small objects and large-scale installations. If you’re in Paris, make sure to join us for NEVER ENDING STORY tomorrow night!

OAK: Why call this collaboration Never Ending Story?
JOEL ANDRIANOMEARISOA: Never Ending Story is a part of the ongoing work “sentimental” : to understand the complexities of desire and romance. Never Ending Story is an adventure between Oak and i beyond the idea of collaboration and producing products – we are having a kind of “sentimental story.”

OAK: Can you explain what ‘Sentimental’ means for those who don’t know?
JA: Sentimental is a statement for me. A statement as a work and in life. And as I said before it’s a reflexion / a medium to understand the complexities of desire and love. For sentimental I produce books, different works from installations, photographs to products, and I’m sentimental.

PinsSentimental Pins from Never Ending Story.

OAK: Besides these sentimental products, which are smaller scale, you also work on larger-scale installations, photographs and other mediums.
JA: Yes i’m working with a different mediums and larger-scale installation made with paper and textile / collages / tapestry / photographs / mirrors.

OAK: Do you have a favorite medium to work with?
JA: No – I’m using everything / love everything.

OAK: What are the challenges of moving between your different types of work? What do you enjoy most about the variety?
JA: The challenge is the best thing when I have to producing a piece. I love to climb between different attitudes and context.
For example for OAK, it was a real challenge to flirt with OAK’s codes and the industry production, which is not common for an artist. And my next show will be in a museum in Savannah.

unnamedBoy Friend + Girl Friend Totes from Never Ending Story.

OAK: Urban life is a big inspiration for you, what do you find so interesting about interacting with the city?
JA: A city is full of tastes. It’s why i found it very inspiring. In a city you have people, fragrances, buildings, sounds, voices, textures, and the variations of different attitudes and nationality. And you don’t need a particular nationality for being Parisian, a New Yorker or Berliner. A city is a big playground.

OAK: What can you tell us about your studio?
JA: The studio is a sentimental place where I’m working, having fun, and most importantly inviting friends and lovers.

OAK: What do you love most about Paris? What do you love least?
JA: Boys are beautiful in Paris, and having a romance in Paris is always a challenge.

StickersSentimental Stickers from Never Ending Story.