G-baby Gvvaan touched base with us on the current social climate, self-realization and 2018 so far.

Origin of G-baby Gvvaan the artist

The origin of my artist name, “G-Baby Gvvaan,” is an ode to my dad, George Valentine White, who passed away in 2006. The spelling is a play on the phrase “Wah Gwan,” meaning “What’s going on,” commonly used in the patois dialect spoken in Jamaica. Using each letter in his initials, I chose this name to pay homage to the Jamaican heritage present in my ancestry, having been his first American born child. Growing up a Harlem native until moving away at age 13 to Decatur, GA where I completed my formal years of schooling. After attending SCAD Atlanta for a year, dropping out, and relocating back to New York City for more artistic opportunities, my involvement in music took the forefront of my creative endeavors thus leading me into my own initiative.

Thoughts on the current social climate.

Our current social climate is a reflection of the combined agendas of those who believe within systems and without systems.

G-baby wears vintage cazals

Last book you read.

Mike Tyson: The Undisputed Truth (started but didn’t finish though)

Describe your process for creating a track.

My process for making music without giving away my secret recipe is heavily dependent on how I feel, so I’ve developed an understanding of the various moods and wide range of emotions I experience in order to properly channel them into their designated areas. Good hygiene, mental health status, effective communication, family matters, colors, and sound all profoundly impact my creativity output on a daily basis.

3 tips for self-realization

A lot of people choose to look out at the vast distances in the sky for answers that lie within, so if we are Godlike projections of our universe having a human experience in this material realm it would behoove you to come to a self realization with a heightened sense of awareness through exploring the core of your being.

(Tip 1) Look inside.

(Tip 2) Compare less and relate more by accepting who you are.

(Tip 3) Honor your ancestors by respecting your surroundings, process, and timing.

Go-to piece of clothing

A go-to piece of clothing in my wardrobe that I can’t seem to stop reaching for would have to be my black all-over-print “Stanley Steel” Champion sweatpants.

2018 is “not where we are, but how we got here”