Scumbag Fag Mag was (and still is) a really integral part of very specific time and place. It gives voice to some very specific subconscious ideas that float around the cultural soup that is the internet.  It deals with alternative ideas of almost everything from sex to fashion to literature. It simultaneously is insanely sincere and  tongue-in-cheek, exactly like its multi-talented creator and publisher Cameron Daley. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Cameron for a while and even before that I’ve gotten to go to some of SB’s inspired launch parties. I asked Cameron to get the scoop on the latest edition of Scumbag- sold exclusively at OAK.

Louis Terline is the co-owner of OAK and interviewed Cameron Dailey on November 30, 2012. 

Louis: What is Scumbag?

Cameron: Scumbag is documentation of a certain aspect of gay life from the perspective of myself and the people I collaborate with presented under the loose guise of a magazine.

Louis: SB is clearly a labor of love. How did SB come about? 

Cameron: My friend and co creator, Gregory McKenzie and I had a particularly slutty summer one year and found ourselves sharing or adventures and misadventures in our weekly catch up. We decided we would share our stories with  friends and strangers that might relate to our tales of sex because there was this element of humor in what we were getting up to that had been missing from other publications.


Louis: You’re based in Brooklyn and have been here through tons of changes. How has the culture that exploded around the L and G trains has influenced your work?

Cameron: Boys, boys, boys! I’ve met so many guys in the area  over the years that have been muses, models, colaboraters and lovers. The inspiration I get from watching  the boys behave is never ending and constantly shifting as new faces come into view.

Louis: There is always an extremely tactile element to each issue of SB. Stickers, cutouts, overlays. How inherent is the production and printing process to the issues- which comes first?

Cameron: Like sex, scumbag is a very personal experience and I look at each issue  sort of as a new lover, some are very playful and some are very sad, some leave you sore  and others leave you a better man. The production of each issue is a way to strengthen that narrative.

Louis: What’s your favorite bar?

Cameron: Julius in the West Village is by far my favorite bar. I go there just to get a history lesson and crush on Bill the bartender.

Louis: What is your favorite season and what will you be wearing?

Cameron: Fall is my favorite season because i’m obsessed with wind. I’ve been sporting a star wars thing lately so lots of layers of brown layers and creams.

Louis: What are you hoping to get this holiday?

Cameron: A puppy.